Shopping Advice For Businesses Looking To Acquire Café Blinds

cafe blinds

Patrons walking down a busy city or suburban street will encounter their fair share of café blinds.

Owners and managers no longer consider these deluxe items an afterthought in 2019.

As the tantilising food is brought out and the intoxicating aroma of coffee is passed around, local establishments know that these blinds set a tone and entice customers through their door.

These operators will know though that any old set of blinds won’t do and they have to do their homework to add value to their premises.

Time to offer some key shopping advice for buyers in this market.

Take Note of Successful Competitor Blind Integration

It might be a humbling step to take when it comes to sourcing a quality set of café blinds for an establishment, but taking note of competitors and their successful use of the product will be beneficial. Do they get the balance right between coverage and incorporating the street scenery? Are they an impediment to viewing the menu or engaging around the tables? Are the acoustics affected in any way? Do they simply look the part? Picking up on notes via competitors should be part of what successful managers utilise.

Don’t Always Settle for Convenient or Generic

cafe blinds

There will be restaurants, cafés, pubs, clubs and various outlets who will look to purchase a set of café blinds that are affordable and nothing more. This is not to downplay the monetary angle, but there is such variety and creativity in this market, it would be a shame to settle on a lower quality product for convenience sake. Generic blinds will serve a purpose, but the top outlets will look to use these items to boost visibility and add value to the business.

On-Brand Colour Scheme

Homeowners have the luxury of purchasing café blinds that suit their taste on the day. Businesses however have the brand to consider and select their set that works in with that professional image for constituents. From bright reds, yellows and oranges that tie in with a warm tone and texture to cool colour schemes ranging from navy blue and green to neutral colours of white, black and beige, this is a selection that has to be consistent with the brand image. This will be dependent on the traditions of the establishment, the location and what the business is trying to convey to patrons. 

Customer Comfort

We have all heard the expression ‘the customer is always right.’ That might not be the case in every instance, but it should be when it comes to their comfort. Café blinds have a very practical purpose in this sense, controlling the light exposure, minimising the damage of UV rays whilst ensuring a comfortable outdoor or indoor temperature setting for the patrons. Portable heaters are able to compliment these locations during the autumn and winter months, but they should be able to leverage the natural light exposure and make it a pleasant experience for customers.

Installation and Maintenance Reliability

Business owners do not need to be told twice about the value of fruitful commercial relationships with suppliers and partners. The same principles apply to the acquisition of café blinds. This is where shoppers should examine the ratings and reputations of outlets online, engaging them as to their policies on installation and maintenance. Hopefully they won’t require much of the latter, but it is peace of mind to know that they can repair and replace the goods when necessary.

Café blinds might have started out as a means of mitigating against unwelcoming weather conditions for outdoor café settings, but they have come a long way since their invention. Shoppers should engage as many outlets as possible and see what products match their budget before settling on the ideal set of goods.

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