Advantages Of Engaging A Level 5 Arborist

When you’re planning any kind of construction or renovation that is going to impact or potentially impact trees, then you need professional expertise on your side. Engaging a level 5 arborist is a prudent course of action to ensure that you meet your due diligence and can have total peace of mind about the progress of your project.

There are many businesses in the tree care industry that aren’t totally honest about their qualifications and label themselves as a level 5 arborist when they are, in reality, only regular tree loppers who can only give shoddy advice at best. In order to get the best results and meet your legal compliance, you need to engage a fully qualified arborist.

The removal or maintenance, pruning of trees on any property can present a myriad of dangers and should only ever be attempted by someone with the right qualifications and training. Trees can be incredibly valuable on your property when they are planned-for and well-maintained, meaning that you should hire an expert for their opinion before making any irreversible decisions.

Failing to get an adequately qualified professional on your side means you’ll be making decisions with regards to tree care and management without the opinion of an expert. Needless to say, going into any kind of project blind is going to invite a large number of issues for you both in terms of setbacks and potential liability.

What can a qualified level 5 arborist do for you?

The following will look at the services a level 5 arborist can provide you with.

Tree inspection and reporting

They will be able to inspect all of the trees that are predicted to be affected by the work you are doing and give you a detailed report on their findings. In the report you will find their health assessment of the tree, what risks they find (such as disease or pest infestation) and what opportunities they see for rehabilitation.

Sometimes the report will recommend the tree be removed entirely to avoid the damage it could cause if allowed to fall on its own. This is where you can avoid future liability issues in the event a tree falls and damages people or property.

This report may be essential as a prerequisite requirement requested by the local council you are building in. These council will only accept reports from a fully qualified level 5 arborist.

Tree care advice

A level 5 arborist will also give you recommendations on how to take care of trees that you aren’t going to have removed. This includes consultation about pest control and how to spot the growth of diseases.

Tree pruning

Another area they can help with is giving advice on tree pruning measures that you can have undertaken. This includes pruning to remove branches that are overhanging roads or that are catching a high degree of wind.

Beware of the tree cowboys

This industry is rife with unethical practitioners who like to prey on elderly people or others who might agree to let them into the backyard to do a bootleg branch removal or even a whole tree lopping. Of course, these people are qualified level 5 arborists so they ‘expertise’ can’t be trusted or relied on and is often is breach of council regulations.

If you don’t do your homework and make sure you are only engage a reputable and experienced provider, you invite a whole range of issues for your project.

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