Arboricultural Survey Gives a Detailed Picture About Trees

As we all know trees are very important in any ecosystem but at times can pose a risk to human as well as animal life, it’s for this reason that arboricultural survey is considered to be very important in providing information that will help us avoid such potential hazards caused by trees. The word Arboriculture means that ‘the cultivation of trees and shrubs’ and the word cultivate is defined as ‘to improve and prepare land’ therefore the word Arboricultural Survey means that it’s a survey which will help grow, or promote health, of trees and/or shrubs. Nowadays the word Arboriculturist and Arboriculturalist are both used to describe someone who practices Arboriculture professionally. In other words a person who studies arboriculture can be termed as an arborist. 

maintenance of trees

The term agronomical was used in 18th century. In agronomical audit we can assess and report on the current state and status of your tree stock, so to determine the future management requirements. Moreover, tree surgeon would be typically a person trained in manipulation as well as physical maintenance of trees. Therefore you can say that they are more involved in the agronomical process than the arborist.  

An agriculturalist is an amenity tree specialist and he work in towns and cities as well as in the countryside. The aggie check deals with all aspects of the growing, maintaining and removing of woody plants for any reason other than as a timber crop. The maintaining of tree cover is paramount in the fight against climate change and trees that form part of our urban landscape and country side have an important role to play. Moreover, science of silviculture analysis shows how these kinds of plants respond and grow in the environment of such cultural practices. The arboriculture practice includes cultural techniques like planting, selection, training, pathogen and pest control, fertilization, shaping, pruning, and removal.  

The floricultural Study is an important study which is performed on private or public landscapes. The goal of conducting this study is to provide useful information on the trees so that property managers or home owners can make informed decisions. Based on the information that they receive from the survey, they may then decide what to do with the trees. It contains all kinds of detailed information about the trees. The person who practices or conducting this study called arborist and they usually follow some basic standards and this standard helps to determine which trees to be retained, and which trees to be removed. Reliable tree inspection report reveals the information such as the age of tree, species of tree with the scientific name, the measurement of tree such as height and diameter, the structural condition of the trees, life expectancy of the trees etc. 

Many multinational companies who were engaged in the environmental planning sector now offer tree inspection report. From large multi-national consultancies to smaller ecologists or landscape architect companies – there are an increasing number of slick websites offering ‘tree surveys for planning’. There are number of reasons for conducting these surveys like personal safety, subsidence, mortgage purpose etc..

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