Significant Features of Consumer Behavior in Service Marketing

The effective strategies for service marketing can be developed by understanding the needs and wants of the customer and then determining the way to behave during the customer encounters. Moreover, a service model development and implementation of services strategies which are productive can also help a lot. The service providers should be aware of the criteria’s which consumers evaluate the services. Anyway, the major influences are the life stage of consumer and the present generation. The three stages of a buying procedure of a service include:

  1. Pre-purchase stage
  2. Service encounter
  3. Post-purchase stage

In most cases, there will not be any interaction of the consumer in the manufacturing process of the product. The consumer starts participating in the service operations. The nature of act of service and the recipient of service brings the differences in the performance of service providers. The main four categories of service are

  • People processing

In this type the customer enter the system of service physically like hospitals, beauty parlors, restaurants or bars.

  • Possession processing

The tangible treatment as per the request of the customer is given by the service providers. This is the case of repair, laundry, refueling or gardening. In this type the customer has only limited physical involvement.

  • Mental stimulus

The service is given to influence people or their mindset. Education, music concerts, news, religious practices are some examples of this kind.

  • Information processing

The examples of this kind are accounting, banking, services by a lawyer or securities investment.

The service providers have to crucially evaluate the needs of consumers since there are differences in consumer behavior of each kind. The consumer also evaluates the service given to ensure the satisfaction. If the expectations are not met, they choose other options in future needs.

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