Effective Home Waste Management Techniques

Hygienic environment is an essential factor which assures the good standard of living for people. The three kinds of wastes which are generated from the households are organic waste, toxic waste and recyclable waste.

Organic waste includes the green waste that is leftover food, vegetables waste, garden waste, shells of eggs etc. These kinds of wastes are biodegradable also. These can be used for the production of bio gas which can be used as cooking fuel in the kitchen. Toxic waste includes chemicals, paints, batteries, bulbs, spray cans, fertilizers etc. Recyclable wastes are papers, glass, plastics etc. The last two type wastes are not degradable. There are many ways to control the generation of wastes and also to dispose the waste in effective manner. Some of them are noted below:

  • Reducing garbage

The quantity of garbage can be reduced by proper planning like using of cloth bags, buying food product which have less packaging, etc.

  • Vermicomposting

The leftover food, vegetables and garden wastes, egg shells and all kind of biodegradable waste can be used to make vermicomposting which is highly useful as fertilizers for plants. The toxic waste like artificial fertilizer packs can be reduced by this method. Similarly, try to use the detergents and household cleaners which are made in the house itself.

  • Recycling and reusing

The unnecessary accessories, clothes can be donated to some people who are needy. The utilization of space available is an important step in reducing the garbage. The reusable things like durable containers, paper bags can be used till the complete wear and tear of the product. The city or location in which the house is situated follows some recycling policies which have to be compulsorily followed by the residents.

Each house members should try to reduce the amount of waste generated from their house so as to bring a gradual decline in the hoarding of wastes.

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