Music Reference RM-9


SOLD $2,495.00

SEP 2007


  • 90 Days Warranty

  • 100 WRMS/ch

  • Very Good Condition

  • Made In U.S.A.

  • 1986 Model

  • Collector's Item!

  • New Tubes

Official Music Reference Website

Only the best new tubes have been used in this old time classic.

  • 4 x Electro Harmonix 6922-EH Gold Pin Input Tubes

  • 8 x Electro Harmonix KT88-EH Power Tubes


Testing this amplifier on my system I was presented with a midrange depth of image that was pure magic from this all time much loved classic Music Reference RM-9. Always detailed and smooth with 100 watts/ch of elegant valve power to burn this is a very versatile unit that will drive the widest combination of loudspeakers and can be matched with 6550, EL34, KT88 or KT90 tubes.

I have picked the sweetest sounding KT88 variety to maintain the lush and warmth that true tube lovers will greatly appreciate in their systems. Working well with a great number of pre-amplifiers this unit will give years of enjoyable listening with none of the weaknesses of today's solid state alternatives. Why settle for less when you can be in tube Heaven today for less money then you would spend on a lower performance alternative.

If you thought you couldn't buy a true all American 100watt/ch valve amplifier for under $3,000.00 think again!!!



A warm sounding and beautiful looking classic from 1986.


Fitted with the best new tubes this unit is ready to Rock N' Roll.


Quality transformers form the base of a great sounding product.


A fitting centre piece for any system.


Very versatile is the RM-9. Every modern loudspeaker load is provided for.


New tubes provide the RM-9 every possible advantage to show what it is capable of.


Adjustable gain stage with High, Med and Low settings.


More then enough power for even difficult to drive loudspeakers.


The simple adjustments and LED's make biasing this baby a snap.